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Techniques employed by the speech

therapist may include but will not be

limited to:

•  Signing, typing and / or electronic  “talkers”

•  Use of sound that a person is under- or

   over-sensitive to which helps to compress

   and expand sounds of speech

•  Use of singing songs that are composed

   to match stress, rhythm and flow

   of sentences

Asperger's is an autism spectrum disorder characterized by difficulty with non-verbal communication and social interaction.


Acquisition of language usually includes abnormalities with abrupt transitions, verbosity, misconception of nuance, literal interpretations and much more. As such, communication and speech for children and adults living with Asperger’s is difficult.

What is Asperger's

disorder / syndrome?

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Speech therapy helps

to improve communication

Sometimes it's best to begin with different techniques, such as by using an image exchange communication system that utilizes picture boards with words to help the child or adult learn to communicate or to communicate better.

Additional therapy tools

might be used

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Effective treatment is available

Autism impairs social interaction, non-verbal and verbal communication.  It is also responsible for repetitive and restrictive behaviors. It is a disorder of a person’s

neural development that affects

the information processing region

of the brain by altering how nerve cells

and synapses organize and connect.

Autism affects information processing

Women and a kid