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After a proper evaluation to determine

if myofunctional therapy is the best

treatment for your speech issue, a treatment regimen is implemented. This exercise regimen targets the tongue, throat and facial muscles which will help with speech problems associated with poor lip and tongue muscle strength, flexibility and placement, TMJ, orthodontics and swallowing a variety of consistencies and textures.

Myofunctional therapy is a series of

specific exercises that are designed to

target your facial muscles that are used to chew and swallow.


There are many causes of muscle weakness within the upper throat, mouth and the tongue and it is this weakness that leads to obstructive sleep apnea, snoring, lisping and other speech impediments.

What is Myofunctional


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Oro-facial exercises are therapeutic

 •  Speech impediments

 •  Swallowing issues

 •  TMJ

 •  Obstructive sleep apnea

 •  Headaches

 •  GERD

 •  Neck pain

 •  Thumbsucking

 •  And more

Myfunctional therapy helps treat the following

Don't let your speech issue reduce your self-confidence. If your suffering from GERD, TMJ, obstructive sleep apnea or any of the other afflictions mentioned on this page, don't delay and call today to schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

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