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After your evaluation, the speech pathologist will use the results to recommend treatment options that are best suited for your particular therapy need. Many traditional methods of stuttering intervention are available at the Stuttering Institute of Princeton, including intensive programs, individual fluency evaluations and graduated short-term or

long-term sessions.

Stuttering Institute of Princeton was established as a direct outcome of Dr. Monkhouse's increasing interest in fluency disorders (stuttering, cluttering, and presentation anxiety), and her growing demand locally and internationally as a speaker on the role of DAF (delayed auditory feedback) in her treatment model of fluency acquisition.

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A new, exciting addition to the variety of therapeutic treatments options available is the SpeechEasy™ device. For many selected clients, the SpeechEasy™ method has helped to solidify and facilitate the fluency-enhancing effects of their treatment program. The results of your evaluation, coupled with your individual needs, will be used to determine if you would benefit from the SpeechEasy™ therapy.

SpeechEasy™ may be right for you