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Whether or not the vocal disorder you're afflicted with is permanent or not will depend greatly on many mitigating factors.


Was the disorder caused by an accident to the vocal muscles? Is this related to your occupation? Is it possible that there is a muscular disease?

Certain professions require much more use of their voice than others, such as teachers, lawyers and actors.


Because of overuse, voice projection and little time for the vocal muscles to rest and recover, these individuals are more likely to suffer from a voice disorder.

Your voice is your livelihood - be kind to it

Overcome your voice disorder


Your vocal disorder need

not be permanent

 •  Hoarseness

 •  Harshness

 •  Polyps

 •  Vocal nodules

 •  Voice strain

 •  Spasmodic Dysphonia

 •  Vocal tension

 •  Inappropriate voice projection

Evaluation and treatment of voice disorders including

Kay M. Monkhouse, Ph.D., CCC provides evaluation and treatment of voice disorders. These services are necessary for singers, preachers, teachers, politicians, and other professionals who make a living from speaking.

Board certified speech pathologist